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Share Shed aims to provide a wide range of quality items that enhance our lives without needing to buy and store more stuff. We embrace the maxim of Do More Own Less and hope that our members find it easy to do just that as a result of our borrowing service.

Share Shed started as a great idea for a Library of Things (LoT) posted on a community Facebook group in January 2017. Co-founders Nicole and Sarah were both inspired by what they saw, and after meeting in person, decided to make it happen together!

Est. 30 September 2017

Since then, a committed group of amazing volunteers from all over SEQ have worked together to create, sustain and grow Queensland's first Library of Things, launching in September 2017.

We are proud to be part of the growing worldwide Library of Things and Tool Library movement. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to SHARE in Frome, UK and the Toronto Tool Library for generously sharing their experiences with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can join Share Shed?

Anyone who lives in Brisbane and is over 18 years old.

How long is a Membership valid?

A Share Shed membership is valid for 365 days from the date of joining.

What kind of items does Share Shed loan?

Everything from sports equipment and garden care tools to event catering and party supplies. Our aim is to offer a wide ranging, varied and exciting inventory of items that people use only occasionally, thus making it more beneficial to borrow than to buy.  We do this to save our members money on buying, insuring, maintaining and storing their own items.  We also do this to reduce society’s consumption of resources.

Does Share Shed stock new or used items?

Share Shed has both new and used items.  Many of our items are donated by the local community.  We accept 2nd hand items in good repair to extend their lifecycle.  We invest Member’s annual fees in buying good quality, long lasting new items that are on the member Wishlist.

Who can use Share Shed items?

Our items may only be used by the member who checked out the item, or in the case of toys and sports equipment, that person’s children under the member’s supervision. Liability for correct use of the item always remains with the member.

Example 1: Can I borrow a table tennis table to play at home with my family? Yes, that’s fine.

Example 2: Can I borrow a sleeping bag for my friend’s son to take to camp? No, his parents will need their own membership.

If you are an organisation, you can borrow on behalf of others, but responsibility for the care of the item remains with the organisation. To find out more about our organisation membership and how it works, contact us for the PDF forms.

Why do I need to sign so many forms? 

We want to make sure that all Members use the items in a safe manner, and the terms and conditions and liability waiver all reinforce that the Member is capable of using that item appropriately and accepts responsibility for doing so.

Can I borrow anything I want with my membership?

Yes! You can access our entire inventory with your membership. Some items may have a small additional borrowing fee due to their high replacement value or if they are in high demand, but most items are included. If you want to borrow more than 5 items at a time, you can. Extra items are $5 each. Some items need consumable materials ie. sandpaper for the sander. Members are responsible for purchasing consumables for all items borrowed.

Can I renew the items I borrowed?

Yup. If you want an extra week, just renew your items before they are due again. Obviously if someone else wants them, no can do, but otherwise go right ahead. If items are needed for longer than 2 weeks, or you don't renew them before their original return date, late fees will apply. If in doubt, just check with your friendly librarians before you leave.

What happens if I return my items late?

Late fees are $2 per item per day we are open, capped at the full replacement value of the item, plus a $5 administration fee (should we need to replace the item). 

What about item loss, damage or wear and tear? 

Before loaning and after receiving returned items, Share Shed volunteers inspect items for safety hazards and any damage. All items are to be returned clean and in the same condition as they were issued, barring normal wear and tear. Members will be responsible for replacement cost of items that are returned in unusable condition or are lost. If items break from normal wear and tear, members will not be responsible for additional fees. If something happens to the item while you have it, take a deep breath and just let us know. We aren't scary and we know stuff happens. The sooner we understand what has happened, the sooner the problem can be resolved.

What about batteries for rechargeable electric items? 

We cannot guarantee that rechargeable batteries (on saws, drills, etc) will be fully charged when tools are loaned out. Likewise, members are not expected to return tools with fully charged batteries. This policy is in place to extend the life of our batteries by ensuring that they are not being over-charged.

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