Online Catalogue Trouble Shooting

Problems logging in to catalogue

When you signed up to Share Shed, you will have received two emails. The first one tells you that your membership payment was successful. The second one, sometimes sent up to 24 hours later, contains your login details. 

If you haven't received the email with your login details, or your login isn't working, please contact us via Facebook or email and we can send it again.

Problems with reserving items


Once you login, you can browse the catalogue and start making reservations by choosing a category from the menu on the left hand side. To make a successful reservation, you must do the following:

1. Click on the item you wish to borrow. You will then see more information about the item, what its borrowing status is and a calendar that shows you when it is available.  

Item that have the orange Not available status are in repair and cannot be borrowed. You can click on Add me to the waiting list if you want to know when it becomes available again. 

2. If the item status is green or blue, check the item is available to borrow when you want to use it by scrolling down to the calendar. If anyone else has reserved the item, it will show as a bold red line across the days they want it for. You can reserve any item in advance to make sure it is available when you want it. 

Click the green Borrow/reserve button to begin the reservation process.

3. A pop up window will open to allow you to choose your pick up time. Click the green Choose pickup time button, and then click on the calendar to choose when you want to borrow. The system will automatically pick the return date and give you a 7 day loan period. You don't need to change this as you can return items before the return date without notifying Share Shed.

If you do choose another Return by date, either outside the 7 day period or within it, the system may show an error.

If this happens, choose ok, and then click the red cancel button at the top right of the calendar. This will cancel the reservation and take you back to the item's information. You can then start the reservation again. 

4. Click the green Add item to basket button to add the item to your list. 

You will then see the item has been put in your basket. IMPORTANT - Your item has not been reserved yet! The system puts all items in your basket first, much like online shopping. This allows you to borrow multiple items at once without generating multiple orders.

If you want to borrow more items for the same borrowing period, simply click on the categories on the left and repeat the steps above. The system will automatically put the same reservation dates in when you click the borrow/reserve button for new items. New items will be added to your current basket.


If you want to reserve items for a different 7 day period, you will need to complete this reservation first and then go back and repeat the steps above with a different selection of dates in Step 3.


5. When you have selected all the items you want to borrow, click the green Reserve button.

If you have chosen any items that require an additional fee before borrowing, the system will not allow you to click reserve. You will need to add credit to your account before you can click reserve.

You can add credit via online payment only. Choose the Add credit button and follow the prompts to complete. You can then click the green Reserve button.

A new page will appear telling you the items are reserved. If you have chosen any items that require an additional fee before borrowing, the total cost will show here. 

6. Check your email inbox to ensure you received your confirmation email. Make sure it's the same email you used to login to the catalogue. It should look like this:

If you went through each step correctly and didn't receive a reservation confirmation via email, please notify Share Shed via Facebook messenger and we will assist you.

Please read the following step-by-step instructions closely before contacting Share Shed about a problem. Often it's simply a missed step that has caused an error and this is very quick and easy to fix yourself.

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