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A Magnetic Love for Upcycling

By Nicole Bray

A lot of fun goes on behind the scenes at Share Shed. We love sustainability and we love working together, but that passion for upcycling/reuse and great teamwork flows through in such a creative way sometimes I just had to share!

If you want to make some fun magnetic words too, you will need: old flat magnets, scissors, a label maker

While mindlessly cutting up our old magnets to save them from landfill, I got to wondering what I could with the offcuts....

I have always kept the free magnets you get from tradies and the like in the mailbox because they are great for craft projects. Simply glue or stick a new image over the top and away you go.

This particular day I wanted to show some gratitude to our volunteer maintenance manager Jason, who had come in late the night before to sort things out ready for our test and tag partner Electrical Embassy to come in the next day. Volunteers should be thanked often, but if you can surprise them as well that's so much the better!

Then it hit me: Share Shed has a fridge AND a label maker...

Hello fun crafternoon!!

The sticky backing on the labels worked a treat to secure the words to the offcuts and the resulting magnets words looked pretty professional in my humble opinion :)

The best part of course was putting them all up on the fridge once I was done and creating a unique upcycled and fun thank you for Jason's hard work.

Hopefully the rest of the team will get into the word games now too whenever they want to leave a thank you for someone else.

What cool upcycling have you done lately? Let us know!

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