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Clever partnership supports real community change

Innovative cross-sector partnership demonstrates that sharing resources can become the new normal when it’s introduced as ‘what the locals do’.

Creating lasting change isn't easy, but there's definitely a few shortcuts to be found for those willing to step outside business as usual thinking.

Since 2018, Tracy Kennedy has been supporting Share Shed through purchasing gift memberships as a welcome present to her clients when they purchase their new home.

Tracy Kennedy in volunteer mode and business mode

“Real estate agents live and die by their connection to the place they work. To me, Share Shed was a real opportunity for me to showcase the best of what our area has to offer to my clients while supporting a great not-for-profit at the same time.”

The practical benefits of having access to hundreds of great items for free are obvious, but the ability to give people new to the area an invitation into the local scene in a way that encourages community building has been a benefit for both recipients and Share Shed.

Share Shed co-founder Nicole Bray is equally pleased with the partnership.

“Tracy has found an innovative way to support system change as a business, not just through financial or marketing support, but by actually playing a part in embedding new consumption habits in a community from the very first time a new resident moves to the area. It's really quite impressive, and the results for us have been fantastic."

What’s more, a few of the recipients have now become volunteers. Andrew (right), who received a gift membership from Tracy in early 2020, was so impressed with the Share Shed concept that he’s now a regular librarian.


Feeling inspired? If you’re a real estate agent or local business with a passion for doing more on climate change while making your clients even happier, we’d love to hear from you!

Contact Nicole Bray for more information:

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